What Are Resell Rights Products?

Resell right products are products and services that have been developed by someone else but enables you to put your own brand on them and make 100% profit when you market them. You can offer these products in addition to you own products.

There are lots of programmers and authors that like producing products but not marketing them. So as an internet marketer, you can take the product, put some of your touch on it and market it under your own brand. You can even set these products up as part of an affiliate program.

There are three type of resell right products. Resell Rights, Private Label Rights and Software Source Code.

Resell Rights

1) Basic Resell Rights – You can sell the product for any price you want and keep 100% of the profits. However, you can’t pass on the rights to your customers to resell the product. And you can’t change the product either.

2) Master Resell Rights – You can sell the product or the rights to sell the products for any price you choose and keep 100% of the profits. However, whoever you sell the rights to have to right to sell on the master resell rights to the product. Again you can’t change the base product.

3) Rebranding Resell Rights- You can take a resell rights product and change certain links to your own affiliate links within the product using special software.

Private Label Rights

These rights enable others to sell you the rights to a ‘rough draft’, and then you put your own and market the product as your own. In most cases, the rough draft is more or less completed and you just need to edit the ebook or software, add your own title and then you have a product to market.

Software Source Code

Software source code can be interpreted as private label rights to software. You have take the software you have private label rights to and have a programmer customise it by adding new features, graphics and your unique brand name.

I have identified 5 reasons why people offer private label and resale rights to products.

1) There is a possibility that the original product hasn’t been selling that well. The is a way for the original product developer to generate new revenue stream.

2) They may have created the product in order to pass on their links so as to generate a lot of back end sales.

3) They may have created the product with the aim of selling the rights since that generally generates money fast.

4) The enjoy the product development cycle and just like creating products but not selling them.

5) And lastly, they have created the product specifically so that people can opt into their list.

Finally, you should note that in order to make the most of resell right products, you have to make sure you offer a very unique product. There is a possibility that other marketers might have the same resell right products so you want to offer something more than what your competitors are offering to make the most of the resell right products. And also, you want to check that the product is not already sold on Ebay cheaply, because that might damage the value of the resell right product.